Smoking in the Girls’ Room With Courtney Love


At last night's screening of It Might Get Loud, fashionable mess Courtney Love stumbled past photographers in an uncharacteristically ladylike green dress. "It's Givenchy, I don't like it," she noted. It didn't take her long to remove the party dress, and by midway through the film SHE PULLED US INTO THE LADIES' ROOM, wherein we died and she enjoyed a smoke, sporting a more predictable ensemble: leather pants, bra straps showing, and a flannel draped around her waist like the nineties never ended. She even let us take her pic for our Twitter (but not without flipping us off like a requisite bad girl). More on our night with her here and here.

The seemingly anxious Love, by the way, was unsure about her outfit all night: At one point she asked us, "What do you think of leather pants?" Of course, seated atop the sink with a cigarette in hand, if anyone could pull them off, it was that woman in that moment. But she wasn't convinced. "I'm not sure I'm getting away with it," she said. Even consummate bad girls have moments of fashion doubt.

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