London Calling: Brit Designers Invade LES

Beyond the Valley dress, $270.

This Thursday, more than a dozen retailers from London are popping up at 186 Orchard Street as part of an intercontinental shopping swap between the Lower East Side Business Improvement District and the Newburgh Quarter in Carnaby. If a fall trip abroad isn't looking likely, the widespread offerings are worth checking out: womenswear from Beyond the Valley, Hurwundeki, and Twenty8Twelve, jewelry (make that jewellry) by the Great Frog and Van Den Berg, menswear from Unconditional and Peckham Rye, and natural beauty swag from Cowshed. The pop-up shop runs from August 20 through September 13, when merch from Lower East Side standbys like Earnest Sewn, In God We Trust, Kaight, and Still Life will be shipped over to London for a month. Head down to Broome Street between Ludlow and Essex on Saturday to sample "London-centric" food (whatever that means), and check out a London/LES Fashion Show on the 29th. Click ahead for a preview of some of the overseas offerings.

186 Orchard St., nr. Stanton St.; 8/20—9/13