Video: Julia Stiles’s New (Fake) Ecofriendly Clothing Line


Julia Stiles has been not-so-conspicuously absent from the celebrity-clothing-design arena. A new absolutely stupendous parody video of her fake ecofriendly clothing line reveals things will probably stay that way. She calls the first design "Ten Shirts I Love About You." Next up is a model in a suit made of newspaper with what look like shoes made of tissue boxes. Stiles says, "People say the newspaper industry is dying. But I say it’s living. Living on your body." Last up are "shants" — a hybrid of shirts and pants. "I was just shooting in Belize and in St. Tropez and I met this homeless man who had never owned a shirt in his life. He had taken his pants and worn them as a shirt, and I just thought it was so creative. He was just liberated from the conventions of fashion," she quips, possibly mocking Erin Wasson. We're in love!

Julia Stiles Styles Pokes Fun At Celebrity Eco-Clothing Lines [Beanstockd via Fashionista]