Video: Peaches Geldof Looks for ‘Weirdos Rocking the Denim’


Esteemed Nylon columnist Peaches Geldof is now a video correspondent for the venerable publication. For her first street-style piece she puts on an acid-wash denim jumpsuit and goes in search of "weirdos rocking the denim." It's unclear what the goal or point of the piece is, especially since most of the people she stops look like they have no interest in fashion. She tells a pretzel vendor he looks "sexy" in his Old Navy jeans and tries to get a free pretzel from him. She also tries to interview a small denim-clad child, who walks away, possibly out of fear. But even if viewers don't take much away from Peaches's reportings, she certainly did. “So today I found out many things about the world of denim,” she says. “The consensus is denim’s hot right now.”