Vogue Nails the September Cover


What appears to be the September cover of Vogue has leaked. Charlize Theron looks stunning in a pensive Vogue way. If ever a face said, "Buy me, I'm on Vogue," it's hers. Sadly, this year's cover only boasts 584 pages, while last year's cover boasted 798 pages. But still, that's almost 100 pages more than Elle and considerably larger than any September issue we've received in the mail so far (Lucky, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, to name a few).

But despite its skinny size, the headlines suggest this issue will meet our every winter sartorial need, from "stylish steals" to "fall fashion fun" to the reassurance that our boots and suits are here to stay this season (it does trouble when they grow legs and walk away, although that was never apparent until Vogue pointed it out). Naturally, the issue plugs Fashion's Night Out. Anna Wintour even includes a couple of hot men just for fun — Roger Federer for her and Hugh Jackman for us. The only thing missing seems to be an article along the lines of "Pants: Why Have They Left Us?" or "150 Reasons to Wear Pants This Fall." But that aside, we can't wait for this issue to arrive.

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