Allie Crandell Leaves The City


The City premieres next week, but not with Allie Crandell. "I'm done with The City forever!" she declared last night at the Ruby Kobo party. On the upside, Allie is no longer dating her bad boyfriend. "He turned out to be something that I didn't know he was. It was pretty heartbreaking," she admits. "I'm trying to focus on myself and mingle in New York City and focus on my career." But that doesn't mean the model isn't on the prowl for a new love, provided he knows how to behave: "I'm done with boys — I'm onto men!" Allie had attended Whitney Port's show the night before, but don't expect to see her out anytime soon with Olivia Palermo — who, by the way, is "definitely edited to be bitchier than she is in real life." But still. "I never hung out with her," says Allie. "The only thing that brought us together was the show."