Amber Rose Shuffles Down the Runway in Her First Runway Show

Smile with those eyes, honey!

Luminaries such as Russell Simmons and Jojo trekked to the Ukrainian Institute of America on the Upper East Side yesterday evening to watch Amber Rose walk in her very first runway show for four-year-old label Celestino. Amber walked in the finale look: a white, strapless wedding dress with a long train. How does she measure up as a model? A few of her colleagues seemed to struggle with the sky-high heels, and she was no exception, sadly (either that or her dress was too tight). She kept a poker face, with her shoulders back, but appeared to be taking short, stilted steps. Luckily, she didn't trip on her hemline, so for that we chalk it up as runway success.

Russell Simmons said he came to see Amber and the clothes, though we saw him backstage meeting designer Sergio Guadarrama for the first time. Amber, not wanting to do interviews (perhaps because of her man Kanye's behavior the night before at the Video Music Awards), fled immediately after the show. But Guadarrama explained he decided to cast Amber a month ago. "We requested her specifically," he said backstage. "I mean, we had the choice of big models, but we wanted Amber Rose. I mean, she’s Amber Rose, so she was going to close our show no matter what." Though he cast many very skinny models in the show, Guadarrama applauds Amber's real-woman's figure. "I honestly think she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry," he said. Did he think the fashion industry was ready to accept her as she is? "Well, they should; she’s a person," he said, adding she was a "natural" and not nervous at all before the show. What is she like as a person? "Oh my God she’s so sweet — like the sweetest girl you have ever met."