Best Bet: Picture Perfect


The name Temptu may not ring a bell to non-insiders, but you've definitely seen their work on the big screen (their products were used on Rebecca Romijn's character Mystique in X-Men), in shoots (the team did Gisele in a 2000 spread for W), and in videos (Jennifer Lopez's "Waiting for Tonight"). Of course, the high-performance brand isn't coming out with a line so that you can paint yourself into a blue mutant, but it does have the new AIRbrush Makeup System with AIR Pods available in stores starting September 15. The system is lightweight, doesn't make a tremendous amount of noise, and is easy to use (literally, adjust the compressor for desired coverage, snap in the pod, and spray). The AIR pods come in twelve foundation shades ($55 for two) and four blush ($30) and highlighter ($35) shades for the most flawless, natural-looking finish. Now, if they would only come out with a battery-operated version.

$225 at Sephora (for store locations check