Brad Goreski Assures Us Nothing Is Staged on The Rachel Zoe Project


After a quick browse around at the killer jewelry collection at the W store, where the Champagne flowed more freely than anywhere we visited last night, we swung by the Bellhaus pop-up shop on Bond Street. In the middle of the store, Brad Goreski from The Rachel Zoe Project was holding court like the prom king of Fashion's Night Out. Fan after fan approached, and he smiled and took pictures with every single one. He wore a jacket and pants by Viktor & Rolf, oxfords by Thom Browne, and, of course, his signature bow tie. "This is actually the Brad bow tie that Commonwealth Utilities named after me," he told us. Although he's friends with designer Anthony Keegan, he hasn't met Sean Avery, the label's new official muse, but "can't wait" to meet him at the spring 2010 show on Sunday. "I think it's fierce that a hockey player's so into fashion," he said. "Hockey and fashion — I'm Canadian, give me a break!"

Brad said nothing on The Rachel Zoe Project's being staged. "It's just our lives. They just film what happens." He added that Rachel is "exactly the same" off camera as she is on camera. "She's, like, the best boss in the world." She even introduced him to Marc Jacobs's fiancé, Lorenzo Martone, a little over a year ago. (You may recall him dancing at Marquee with Brad in a recent episode.) Brad describes his style as "geek chic," but does he really need the glasses? When we asked, he put them on our face, and we can assure you that, yes, he definitely does. And at that moment, we felt like prom queen.