Channel Your Inner Fashion Critic by Voting on Runway Hits and Misses

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With New York and London Fashion Weeks behind us — already! — we can't stop thinking about the best and worst looks we saw on the runways. Did you like Marc Jacobs's Japanese cabaret? Yes. Is gingham coming back by way of Christopher Kane? Maybe. And hopefully you're judging everything, too. That's why we give you the opportunity to dole out your opinions by rating each runway look with the "Hit" or "Miss" buttons on every fashion slideshow. The best part is that once you pick your vote, you can see the percentage of voters who agreed with you (like 53 percent of readers thought this Marc Jacobs look was a hit). We've also got Milan happening right now, and Paris is on standby for you to continue your hot-or-not calls. So start clicking and exercise your right to cast anonymous judgments.

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