Chris Benz Would Cheer Serena Williams Up With a Flirty Tennis Dress

Wii master.

Though he hasn’t played tennis since high school, Chris Benz is an expert at the Wii version. “I’m very advanced,” he said at his presentation Monday afternoon. “It’s the only thing I do at my apartment. They give you extra abilities once you’ve played for so long and your ranking’s up.” Last week the Times’ Guy Trebay slammed the pros for their circuslike attire, but Benz doesn’t agree with his assessment: “I love when people bring their own personality into their outfits. People are over tennis white.” Would he design an outfit for, say, Serena Williams, who won the women’s doubles title at the U.S. Open today with her sister but still remains dogged by her rage explosion over the weekend? “Absolutely,” Benz said, though he hasn’t seen her tirade yet (“I should look it up on YouTube”). So what would he design for her? “I love a little flirty dress. I think a colorful, flirty dress would be such a great thing.” Hmmm, flirty. Perhaps that'll lighten the mood around her.