Clear Heels Storm the Milan Runways

From left: Dsquared2, Prada, and Fendi.

Chris Rock shared his now very famous thoughts on clear heels in his HBO special Never Scared in 2004:

"Daddy, can we talk?" "Hey, I'm watching the game!" "I'll show you! I'll dance naked to the Mötley Crue records! ... I'm gonna change my name to Cina Buns! ... and I'm gonna wear clear heels!" When did clear heels become the new whore uniform? When did that happen? Was there a big ho convention, and all the hos got together and said: "We need something new! Something that just says nasty" ... And one girl said: "I got it! Clear heels!" "Uh, girl, you're disgusting!"

Well, that style of footwear was all over the spring 2010 shows in Milan at Dsquared2, Prada, and Fendi. If the clear heel is indeed the shoe of the whore, it goes well with the nympho pantsless look that swept the runways in New York, London, and Milan. Also, it's a natural evolution of fall's trendiest footwear — thigh-high boots — also favored by adult entertainers. Slut appeal is the new sex appeal! Or perhaps this trend is a take on Cinderella's glass slipper? No one's mind is that clean and wholesome these days, so it's doubtful, but it would make a slutty pantsless Cinderella a very trendy Halloween costume. It's September 29 — time to start thinking about these things!