Dani Stahl Takes Credit for Proliferation of Pantslessness

Dani Stahl, with legs to carry a trend.

Last night at Alexander Wang's show, Mickey Boardman dropped a bomb on us: His colleague, Nylon style director and fashionable gal-of-all-trades Dani Stahl — not Lady Gaga — was to be credited with fashion's pants shortage. "You know she revolutionized the no-pants ensemble," he confided. Wait — does Dani truly want this distinction? "I'm taking credit," she boldly asserted. "I'm going to back it up. I will testify. I will sign affidavits. I will notarize things. I want a contract from the no-pants people." Okay, we can't argue with that. But ... but ... Gaga? Of course she didn't start it, but have we just forsaken her with this very item?! "Lady Gaga's taking it to a new level and bringing it under a spotlight, but Dani started it," Mickey assured us. So, Dani, if you were ahead of the pantsless curve, what's next? "Next you're going to see socks as pants," she predicted, adding that she intended to start the trend. "I just have to find the right underwear."