Diane Von Furstenberg: Fashion’s Night Out Could Become a Regular Holiday


Diane Von Furstenberg is so energized by the positive response to Fashion’s Night Out that she wants to see it become a permanent fixture. “It was a huge success,” she told us at Vanity Fair’s BrandAid Project opening last night. “It was fantastic; it’s just like Hallmark, when they invented Mother’s Day,” she said of the admittedly awesomely fun evening. “Every Thursday before Fashion Week, we will have Fashion’s Night Out!” the CFDA head declared.

Ooh, this could be exciting! But when DVF’s assistants (not the ones on The City, apparently) saw us fire up our BlackBerry to broadcast the news, they hastily said that nothing has been officially decided. And WWD reports that retailers will look for residual sales effects before deciding whether to give it a go next year. But if the head of CFDA sees it happening, that’s a bright beacon of hope in our book. In the meantime, we’ll spend our every waking hour trying to get further details. Nothing motivates us like the thought of adding another Christmas to the calendar.

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