Gap Model Mysteriously Devoid of Thigh Squish


Do you notice anything off in this Gap ad? Commenters at PhotoshopDisasters have some ideas. Such as:

I had to think for a while until I noticed what was wrong with the picture. It's not that this woman is awfully underfed and I really wouldn't want to see her naked. That's sad modelling reality, I'm afraid.
But look at her right hip, the one she's supposed to be sitting on. She isn't sitting at all but appears to hover a few centimeters above the ground. If you sit, your body gets ever so slightly squashed, that happens even to the most skeletal persons. This woman has either the strongest buttock in the world or she's floating, but she's definitely not sitting on that hip.

Many also note her head appears to be pasted on and is disproportionately larger than her hand. Hold yours up to your face and it will probably cover most of it. Not so for this special lady.

The Gap: The World According To Gap [PhotoshopDisasters via Jezebel]