Gareth Pugh Is Considering Doing a Fast-Fashion Line


Currently Gareth Pugh's designs are only available at beyond-exorbitant prices in the world's highest-end boutiques. A quilted men's nylon jacket retails for $2,610 at Barneys, for example. But apparently Pugh has been receiving offers to do a fast-fashion line since before he even produced the clothes he showed on the runway (which wasn't actually that long ago). He tells of his fast-fashion-line offers:

I have considered it. The offers have come in, and every time we get an offer, I mull it over. I’d like more people to have access to my clothes, but the timing hasn’t been right, or the project hasn’t been right, or some combination of both those things. The first time I was approached, I wasn’t even producing the garments I was showing on the runway. I didn’t have a factory. Everything I was making, I was making by hand. Doing a fast-fashion collection seemed a little premature.

In other words, those companies that asked before, they should keep asking?

Sure, keep asking. And I’ll keep thinking.

This is either a genius or terrible idea. On the one hand, a cardigan made of garbage bags would be so easy for Target or H&M to make cheaply. But on the other hand, no one wants an armor dress made from cardboard.

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