Influential Rabbi Bans Crocs for Yom Kippur


Jews traditionally aren't supposed to wear leather to synagogue on Yom Kippur, as a symbol of modesty and humanity. Crocs have been a favorable alternative because they're plastic, comfortable, and breathable. The footwear has earned a reputation as "the new Jew shoe." However, an influential Lithuanian rabbi is telling Jews not to wear Crocs to services for Yom Kippur, because the shoes are too damn comfortable. On this day of atonement and fasting, Jews are supposed to know suffering. Now, one might argue the counter viewpoint — that wearing Crocs would impart a certain degree of suffering on the fashionably conscious. Then again, if you're fasting, you don't want to wear bad shoes with your skinny outfit. And any ban on Crocs is certainly always welcome.

BANNED: Rabbi says Crocs too Comfy for Yom Kippur [TRANSRACIAL]