Janice Dickinson Makes Out With the Oakley Boys


The way fashion has taken over the city (or maybe just our own sleep-deprived lives), we’d almost forgotten there’s another looming storm of fabulosity about to descend upon us: the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. Then again, given the ubiquity of pantslessness, and Whitney Port being repped by the real fashion PR house behind her fake job, maybe we’d forgotten about the VMAs because we’re living in them already.

Worlds collided yet again last night at the Oakley pre-VMAs gifting suite and we discovered that we’d been preceded by whirling dervish Janice Dickinson, a.k.a. the World’s First Supermodel. According to witnesses, Dickinson swept into the room at around 5 p.m. and loudly announced to no one in particular, “I’ve been drinking margaritas!” Then she would sit down and stand up, or stand up and sit down, each time declaring, “I’m sitting down!” or, “I’m standing up!” depending on the action required. Eight members of her posse loaded up on goodies, including her driver, who snuck out of the room with at least five pairs of free shades. But Dickinson focused her energy on flirting with the cute male staffers Oakley had flown in from California. Said staffers managed to slip a few sunglasses into Dickinson’s bag, apparently aware that I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’s resident klepto would be too bored by the lack of resistance to take any herself. In return, Dickinson left the staffers with a little something to remember her by: “She kissed me three times ... on the lips! It was wild!” said one young buck, who beamed, then blushed, still reeling with what we’ll charitably call amazement. He seemed less bemused when we tried the same move. Just kidding ... Call us!