Jason Wu Hints at New Product Launches, Loves Lady Gaga’s Hair Bow


A very tired but calm and happy Jason Wu visited the American Express skybox in the tents today for a quick talk. "I'm running on coffee at this point," he said. Even though he showed on Friday and feels "relaxed" now, he's still working all day every day, getting ready to fill what will probably be his brand's largest orders in its short but already storied three-year history. He is the kind of designer who eagerly reads the reviews the morning after the show. This season, those of his collection were mostly glowing. He's about to launch eyewear, but that's not all. "A few things are under wraps right now, a few products," he revealed. "You're going to see Jason Wu grow in a much bigger way in 2010." He wouldn't go into specifics but added, perhaps to Barack Obama's chagrin, that menswear won't come anytime soon.

Although Wu makes very pretty, refined clothes, he has a wild side. "My hair used to be a different color every week," he said. Calling his style of yore "questionable," he said he even had piercings. Currently, he's obsessed with Lady Gaga. "I always love the bow in the hair. I think it's so cool. I think it's so campy, but it's fun," Wu said. Did he have a favorite Gaga moment? "It's hard to name just one — I have the album, and I listened to it throughout fittings." As for her favored pantsless fashions, he said, "I think if you got it, why not flaunt it?" All the same, he would like to see women wearing dresses — in pretty colors — this fall.