Jonathan Saunders’s Beautiful Vampires; Thongs Used As Alternative Hair Ties

The vampire look from Jonathan Saunders.

• Vampires aren't going away yet: Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni said she made up the models at the Jonathan Saunders spring 2010 show to look like "beautiful, sexy vampires." [Beauty Counter/]

• The Food and Drug Administration approved Sculptra Aesthetic as a filler that can now be used commercially. It has been used since 2004 to plump cheeks of people who had facial wasting, like H.I.V.-positive patients. [NYT]

• Tracie Martyn is a celebrity facialist who doesn't use any needles, knives, or lasers. When she performed her $600 Resculpting Facial Treatment on Rupert Everett, people accused him of having plastic surgery. [StyleList]

Cosmopolitan magazine suggests you use thongs as hair scrunchies if you need to get ready fast. [Jezebel]

Molly Sims, Rachael Harris, and Andrea Savage star in a new Funny or Die parody of Brooke Shields's commercials for Latisse eyelash enhancer. It shows how the fake drug "Lashisse" causes women to lose eyes and overgrow their lashes. [Funny or Die]

Tyra Banks: "Growing up as a young girl and seeing images in the media where they're saying that a certain type of hair is beautiful and yours isn't is very difficult for a black woman." [BellaSugar]