Julie Ragolia on Her Homeless Muse


Erin Wasson wasn’t the only one inspired by the less fortunate this season. Julie Ragolia, City fashion editor and subject of a recent Video Look Book, has been eying one in particular. “It sounds so awful to say that a homeless man’s style was so inspiring to me, because it seems almost to be mocking, but [this man] has the most incredible style. He lives in my neighborhood — or, stays in my neighborhood,” the stylist said at the Sartorialist book signing yesterday (she is, incidentally, featured on the book’s cover). “He wears a blazer with a white button-down shirt. His pants are awkwardly rolled — he rolled one leg higher than the other. And he wears this black backpack that is just unbelievable. It’s something straight out of the Yohji runway.” Why are the homeless looking so good this season? “When you see somebody who’s doing something that’s truly original, even if it is due to their necessity and dire straits, you can’t help but think how wonderful and amazing they look. And then you empathize, of course,” she said.