Kelly Cutrone: ‘I’m, Like, the Patron Saint of Interns’


Diane Pernet has curiously posted a video of Kelly Cutrone talking about internships. Kelly has overseen such famous interns as Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad before a national audience, thanks to MTV’s reality programming. Before that, Kelly says, “Nobody really knew about interning in the outside world.” She adds, “I’m, like, the patron saint of interns. I made interning famous.” She may have done a lot for the position, but let’s not discount the very real blood, sweat, and tears Sean Avery shed in the hallowed halls of Vogue. Kelly said she gets many phone calls, bad letters, and Facebook messages from kids who want to intern for her. “I look for somebody who doesn’t think they know anything about fashion, because they don’t,” Kelly says in the video. “Don’t tell me you know about fashion because you studied Rick Owens — that doesn’t mean fuckall, okay?” Instead, she looks for the “village girl.”

Kelly Cutrone on what she looks for in an intern [ASVOF]