Men’s Vogue Refused to Publish Marc Jacobs Ad Starring Gay Couple


Juergen Teller has shot some controversial ads for Marc Jacobs over his career. However, the spring 2007 campaign starring the then-12-year-old Dakota Fanning, which even Teller calls "pretty hard-core" and "on the border of being too much, even for me," have been the least of his worries. He told the Moment his most controversial ad series was not the one in which he appears grabbing Cindy Sherman's breasts, but the one starring a gay couple:

"Funnily enough the most complaints were about the series with Dick Page and James Gibbs because they are a gay couple. Men’s Vogue even refused to publish it. Dick is a very close friend of mine and I’ve known him for 20 years — he’s been part of the Marc family for 20 years. And I like the idea of having a gay couple in a men’s ad because it makes sense. And I wanted the ads to be like they are — very romantic, tender and sweet. I certainly didn’t want to have anything provocative, not at all."

Perhaps Mogue feared imagery of a blatantly gay couple would turn off its absolutely gigantic legion of masculine straight male readers, who love football, beer, camping, and a little shopping on the weekends. Oh, wait, that's right — we're talking about Men's Vogue. No wonder it folded.

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