Mermaids Are Having a Moment

Bebaroque's tights, a real mermaid (!), and Thom Browne's final look.

The fashion industry has been infatuated with Goth for about a year, which the popularity of Twilight and True Blood has no doubt only encouraged. But the tides seem to be turning, pun intended, and the industry seems to be latching on to a different fantasy figurehead: the mermaid, whose comeback we hoped for almost two weeks ago. On Sunday Thom Browne showed a warrior-mermaid–inspired spring 2010 collection. Today nifty tights company Bebaroque sent out an invitation to view their "Married to a Mermaid" spring 2010 collection. Unsurprisingly, the burgeoning infatuation had a moment in Zoolander in 2001, just like Alexander McQueen's fall 2009 Derelicte spectacular. Though Derek Zoolander was adamant about the distinction between mermaids and mermen, it is unclear whether the industry's lexicon has room for the latter. Even Thom Browne called them mermaids.

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