Michelle Obama Wore Moises de la Renta!


On August 12, Michelle Obama wore a simple red belted sheath dress to a White House function. Turns out that dress is by Oscar de la Renta's son Moises de la Renta, who has a young clothing line of his own called MDLR. This is a spicy revelation, because while Oscar de la Renta has been a perennial favorite of past First Ladies, Michelle Obama has noticeably kept him out of her closet. Oscar criticized Michelle a few months ago for wearing a smattering of European labels among her mostly American wardrobe. And before she publicly branched out into foreign designers, Oscar criticized the sartorial "message" her fondness for J.Crew sent, lamenting, "I think it’s wrong to go in one direction only." Well, now that direction includes his son! If she was going to wear a De La Renta piece after all the drama ...

Mrs. O Wears de la Renta [Mrs. O]
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