Mickey Boardman Really Excited to Book Liza Minnelli


At last night's launch party for Anna Sui's Target collection, Mickey Boardman was still, um, gushing about his glorious interactions with Liza Minnelli at Paper magazine's 25th-anniversary party on Monday. “Everyone just ejaculated” when “the gays on staff” hit upon the idea of having Minnelli sing “New York, New York,” he told us. And when Boardman saw her backstage, “She looked great — and she's 63! Not that I know that she was born on March 12, 1946.” Booking Liza was not Boardman's only accomplishment that night. “It was most gratifying to see Amanda Lepore and Sofia Lamar at the public library, and these people that you don't know if they've ever read a book.” And how did Paper convince a library, of all places, to host the bacchanal? “Well, you give them money and they let you do it. I find that if you offer people money they let you do stuff.”