Mickey Rourke, Fashion Critic


Backstage at the Max Azria show, past the five-foot-tall tub of Diet Coke (smattered with a few neglected Classics) and some partially nibbled platters of sliders and cookies (not everyone is allergic to calories), a port-a-potty door flung open to reveal the phrase “Don’t Feed the Models” scrawled in magic marker. A model, sad and frail and nibbling on a kiwi, was encircled by a flurry of hairstylists and makeup artists poking and prodding her. Following the show, which involved a lot of body-skimming sheaths in figure-flattering solids, we sought out Mickey Rourke’s opinion — he has such insight into the female form! “I liked it because it's stuff you can really wear,” he said of Max Azria’s new collection. “Even girls with a big ass and big tits can wear those clothes. You know what I'm saying?” But surely, we countered, he wasn’t suggesting that these models had … big butts? “Not these girls that need a meal,” he clarified. “They should feed them all.”