Miuccia Prada ‘Has a Passion for Knickers’


Miuccia Prada toyed with pantslessness in her fall collection, offering super-short furry shorts paired with crotch-skimming thigh-high boots. For spring, she shaved a few inches off the shorts, sending veritable panties down the runway. Backstage, Miuccia explained she "has a passion for knickers." If only she had imparted this wisdom on Britney Spears those years ago. Girls who didn't wear knickers — which came in various palm-tree prints and white and black silk — wore biker shorts, which, as merely a truncated legging, hardly qualify as true bottoms. But it didn't bother us. Replete with images of a seaside vacation, models also wore overlays made of clear plastic beads that looked like chandelier crystals. It's everything Miami wishes it could be! And who doesn't fantasize about moving to a Miami that's full of class and clean hotels and clear plastic day goggles? And the great thing about those clear beaded dresses is that all you have to do to clean them is spray them with Windex. So the garment will practically pay for itself in all those dry-cleaning bills you won't have to pay.

See a slideshow of Prada's complete spring 2010 collection.

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