Model Sessilee Lopez Eats Croissants, Pasta, and Pizza and Doesn’t Drink Diet Coke


Grub Street got the skinny (here all week, folks) on what model Sessilee Lopez ate in the week leading up to Fashion Week. She eats McDonald's, king-size Snickers bars, and pizza when she's on the casting circuit. Sometimes, she tries to be careful. "Before the Rosa Chá casting, I just had a green apple from Whole Foods on Houston. I was trying to hold out and go after the casting, but I was just so hungry and I was like, 'I just gotta have something.' Usually, I like to wait until the casting's over to eat, when there's bathing suits and stuff, if it's possible, so that I'm not, you know, fat," she explains. Also, she loves Chinese food. "All the gravy, it's like the fattiest thing that you could possibly eat, but I think I deserve it." See her complete diet on Grub Street. [Grub Street]