New York Post Disturbed by Proliferation of Man Thighs


Hipsters have taken to cutting their skinny jeans off to mid-thigh or shorter. Hence the Post rejoices that winter is almost here, and they'll probably go back to pants for the occasion. The paper reports:

At the Jelly NYC concert on the Brooklyn waterfront last Sunday, guys were actually hacking the legs off their jeans with dull scissors.

"I can feel the breeze now," sang Lucas Walters, 27, as he cut around his legs and transformed his pants into short shorts. "I do feel a little girly, but this is great!"

Our concern is not that this fellow is exposing his hairy, pasty thighs — if women aren't wearing pants, we can't expect men to hang on to theirs for much longer (and if you don't believe us, consider the man clutch and meggings). But why is Lucas cutting off his pants in public? Does that mean he took off his pants, cut them, and then put them back on? Or did he cut them while wearing them? Or bring a change of pants to the concert, cut the legs off, and then change into them? Because Shop-A-Matic editor Diana Tsui noticed a guy (or possibly a girl — the short hair made it hard to tell) walking around the 'burg in chambray boxer shorts this morning. So fine, hipster boys, wear short shorts, but let's not make a habit of running around outside in boxers.