News Anchors Now Churning Out Fashion Lines With Wild Abandon


It seems all one needs to launch a fashion line these days is to be in the public eye in some capacity. Not design experience, not a heralded sense of style, not any sort of presence in the apparel industry. So it follows that if actors, singers, the spouses of people who are famous for acting and singing, and Harvard University can have their own clothing lines, with no formal design training, mind you, news anchors may as well too. Today WWD reports Today Show weatherman Al Roker is in talks with Weatherproof coat makers to launch, for fall 2010, a line of apparel tentatively called Weatherman, the Al Roker Collection. It would include rain jackets, footwear, and cold-weather accessories. This afternoon we were also invited to see the Rox Minneapolis jewelry line during Fashion Week on September 11, which is designed by Fox 9 Minneapolis anchor Robyne Robinson. Apparently her jewelry will also be worn by models in season six Project Runway contestant Ra'mon Lawrence's Fashion Week show. Is this the new version of journalistic freelancing? If anyone wants to license the Cut a line of sequined pants inspired by tags, you know where to find us.