Offensive Joke Prompts Kate Moss to Storm Out of Award Show


Last night in London, Kate Moss attended the GQ Men of the Year awards and presented Lily Allen with the prize for Woman of the Year. However, she stormed out after host James Nesbitt made a joke about a past nude GQ cover she had done. As she left she was caught on camera saying, “He’s so —ing rude, I’m never coming here again” while pushing past a laughing Lily Allen. On her way out of the venue, she also interrupted a video interview with Dizzee Rascal, which was also caught on camera. After pushing past him and the cameramen, she interrupted him again, shouting up the stairs, "Has anyone seen my lipstick?" Dizzee replied, “You keep stealing my light, go away." And adding, "Kate Moss has lost her lipstick son, it’s a —ing disaster.” To be fair, she's Kate Moss. If she has somewhere to go, it doesn't matter who's getting interviewed in her path. Plus she wasn't that nasty about it. God bless video footage. For once we don't have to wonder if the London tabloids made all this up.

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