Opening Ceremony’s Where the Wild Things Are Collection Is Incredible

From left: the Ira Full Skirt ($290); Max Suit ($610); and Judith Outdoor Vest ($415).

Rachel Zoe has never made us want a furry vest. But Opening Ceremony's new Where the Wild Things Are collection, created in collaboration with director Spike Jonze, has us longing for not only a furry vest, but furry dresses, skirts, tails, and ears. Prices range from $220 for an Alexander faux-fur miniskirt to $895 for a fur-lined parka, which makes the fabulous Max jumpsuits with tails seem almost like a good buy. (And if you can't afford those, might we suggest these $54.95 pj's as a recession-friendly alternative?)

It's funny how when Opening Ceremony does these kinds of things fashion people salivate, but if, say, Wal-Mart made a Wild Things–inspired onesie and skirt we'd scoff and perhaps mock them. But alas, Miley Cyrus and Spike Jonze are worlds apart. In fact, these pictures make us want to take beasts instead of friends to parties. Maybe Rachel should bring a llama instead of Brad to Paris Fashion Week.

Where The Wild Things Are X Opening Ceremony [Official site]