Paulina Porizkova Would Take a Job at Starbucks About Now


During Fashion's Night Out, Paulina Porizkova told us she wasn't planning on doing much shopping. "If I can find something in my price range — or if I check my iPhone and miraculously find out I have a job," she said after Rosie O'Donnell's reading of Nora Ephron's play Love, Loss and What I Wore at the Armani store. Since being fired from America's Next Top Model, Porizkova has been desperately seeking work: "My book came out two years ago, and it will probably be another two years until my next book comes out. In the meantime, it's like I would work at Starbucks if people didn't recognize me." She is currently blogging Fashion Week for the Huffington Post, and we know that doesn't pay well.