Phillip Lim Disaster: Model Falls, Stays Down; Spectator Loses Lunch


Phillip Lim’s plan last night — as he sent his collection down the runway for a second time, before a full house of American Express cardholders (and André Leon Talley and Linda Fargo) — was for a “repeat” of his seamless Wednesday show. It was not to be. First, just when we thought we’d survived a stiletto-packed Fashion Week without a major runway tumble, one poor model wobbled in her red platforms and floundered on the home stretch. She picked herself up and scrambled backstage, only to fall again during the finale — several times. In fact, she couldn’t get up. The audience fell silent; finally, another model picked her up and half-carried her the rest of the way. (These were IMG models, and they didn't walk at Lim's first show.) Everyone applauded heartily; even André smiled encouragingly from the front row.

But the model wasn't the only one having a rough time. When we first sat down (in the front row, directly across from André and Linda Fargo), a woman took her spot next to us and began blathering about free cocktails and her internship. "I'm so drunk right now. I've been drinking since, like, seven," she said, and then asked us to move over so that her friend could share her seat. A security guard rebuked her, and her friend was forced to stand — which turned out to be fortunate. Just as the show began, the intern vomited into her hands. Rather than rush out, she whispered her profuse apologies, and watched the entire show covered in ... well, you get the point. We escaped puke-free, but convinced of one thing: It was high time Fashion Week ended.