QVC Debuts a New Line by Lori Goldstein

Bag ($49) available Saturday. Necklace (price not available) debuts on the 23rd.

The flurry of the tents tends to give us an uncontrollable urge to shop. All those clothes and shoes, such little time. Unfortunately, our wallets aren't that accommodating right now. But with Anna Sui's new Target line hitting, high-low pairings will be our saving grace this fall. And dare we say that might include some home shopping? Stylist Lori Goldstein (who has worked for Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Italian Vogue, and W) has hopped over into the design world and is unveiling a new line of accessories, tees, cotton tunics, and more, for under $100 on QVC. The majority of the items are basics — with the exception of the accessories, which aren't for shrinking violets. The LOGO collection debuts this Saturday, with a second show (and more stock) viewing on the 23rd.