Robert Verdi on Jason Wu and the Fashion World ‘Ignoring Gay People’


Celeb stylist Robert Verdi must’ve felt emboldened after trouncing the competition in a life-size version of the new board game Fashion Rules! last night at Bergdorf Goodman, because he had some things to say about being denied a Fashion Week ticket. "I'm really excited to see Jason Wu, but apparently they can't seat me even though I put his clothes on Eva Longoria long before Michelle Obama wore them," Verdi sniffed. "He stopped making dolls and started ignoring the gay people." He went on: "I don't get a seat at anything. I don't get invited to Marc Jacobs. I'm not important enough, I'm not fabulous enough." He's not sure why he gets the cold shoulder from some designers, but he suspects it's because men are "innately" competitive. "The greater problem in fashion is that most successful gay men don't uphold, uplift, and celebrate other gay men," he said. "And I think that it's a terrible deficit within the gay community in New York." But don't feel too bad for Verdi. He showed off his FNO purchase — a massive black leather Lambertson Truex bag. "You know, gay people in fashion shop all the time," he said. "I'm really, really rich."