The Classic American Ad Man Who Favors the Occasional Stogie


When our Look Book cameras caught up with Keith Klein, he was perched on a stoop in Soho smoking a cigar. “I’m not really an aficionado, I just like to smoke one on occasion,” he explained. The overall effect certainly lent to what he describes as his “American classic” look, consisting of a Uniqlo jacket, Izod shirt, and “a pair of Acne khakis, which rock.” It should be noted that Klein works in advertising, which of course could mean many things, and so we prefer to title him "ad man" — one, because it sounds like "Mad Men," and two, because he looks like a 21st-century Don Draper. (When asked if he wanted to stand or sit during the interview, he said, simply, “I’ll sit.”) Watch the Video Look Book to find out who his icons are (not Matthew Weiner).