The MisShapes Disdain Homelessness, But Have Sex in Public All the Same

Back on the market: Lezark.

You might suspect that D.J. darlings of the fashion world the MisShapes would support the trend of homeless-style dressing. But you would be wrong. "Being homeless is never chic, not at all," Leigh Lezark told us at the Y-3 show yesterday, contradicting last week's Times story. And all those hobo-looking kids that went to the MisShapes parties? "Those people were actually homeless," Lezark explained. Her co-D.J., Geordan Nicol, made it clear that folks going without shelter is the furthest thing from his mind. "I'm wearing Lucien Pellat-Finet," he said. "My sweater's probably worth more than your apartment."

That fact notwithstanding, Nicol can’t, apparently, afford a room — it seems he had sex in an elevator at the MisShapes Fashion Week party with Dossier last week. Lezark: "I noticed there was an elevator. I don't know who was in the elevator, but there was definitely sex happening in the elevator. And then somebody pulled the fire alarm to make it stop." One of the people in that elevator "likes Lucien Pellat-Finet," Nicol explained. As for Lezark's love life, it appears that she and the adorable actor Max Minghella, with whom she was always arm-in-arm at Think Coffee, have gone splitsville. "I'm a single lady," she told us. Is being single fun? "Being me is fun."