The Truth About New City Star Roxy


On last night's season premiere of The City, Whitney's best new frenemy and houseguest Roxy told Kelly Cutrone in her job interview that she worked for Rachel Zoe. She didn't like it, she said, because Rachel was so unorganized and she can't work in that kind of environment. Last night Rachel herself responded to three tweets asking if it was true that Roxy was an ex-employee. Rachel had no idea who Roxy was at first. Later she tweeted, "she never worked for me ... lying is so not chic." So what is this Roxy girl's deal? She may just want to be Megan Fox after all. A well-placed source revealed to the Cut that Roxy wanted to be an actress throughout her childhood. She made three appearances on Brothers and Sisters two years ago, according to IMDb. (Her mom, Patricia Wettig, also stars in the show, while her dad, Ken Olin, stars in and produces it.) So she may just be more interested in an onscreen career than a fashion career. Imagine that.

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