Tim Gunn on Lohan: Is Ungaro’s Board of Directors Smoking Crack?

Good luck making this one work.

Christian Siriano’s beaming Project Runway mentors Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia stopped smiling when we asked each for their opinion on Emanuel Ungaro’s controversial hiring of Lindsay Lohan as “artistic advisor.” “I have no comment,” Garcia said firmly. But then, without any prompting, she commented anyhow: “But I have to say that Esteban Cortazar is a big loss for them. I love Esteban, he’s extremely talented, and I’m just very surprised about that.”

The affable Mr. Gunn took the same tack when we broached the subject. “Could I not comment?” he asked politely. “Of course,” we replied as Gunn pursed his lips, looked directly at us, and while not uttering a word into our whirring tape recorder, emphatically shook his head in disbelief. But then Tim, too, felt too strongly to hold his tongue. “It’s got to be a publicity stunt!” he blurted. “Or a crack-smoking board of directors?”