Video: Dolce & Gabbana’s Dramatic Preparations for the Spring 2010 Show


Apparently the tension leading up to a fashion show is not unlike the sexual kind experienced in suspense thrillers in the requisite few segments devoted to wooing and bedding a love interest. At least the music in the new video of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana preparing for their spring 2010 runway show makes it seem that way. Cue the minor-key Spanish guitar, and the fabric is cut. (Eyes meet from across the shadowed room.) Domenico adjusts his spectacles. (She brushes against him with a gasp! And a thrill.) A model walks across the room in high — but not too high — open-toed booties. (He's staying at the inn on the riverfront, but she shouldn't go, really!) Stefano removes his glasses. (But she knows something and must go to the forbidden place to tell him.) And they face a rack of clothes. (She arrives at his room — but he won't let her say a word.)

Is ecstasy on the horizon? Or will the critics put them in their phones as "Don't Answer"? The collection walks September 27.