Video: How Miley Cyrus Cleans Out Her Closet


In this truly amazing footage, Miley Cyrus and her best friend, Mandy Jiroux, clean out Miley's closet. “I love, love, love to go shopping!” the 16-year-old Cyrus told Us Weekly. “I have a great walk-in closet at home. My closet is the best closet you've ever seen! It's huge, and it's filled to the brim because I love clothes.” And filled to the brim it most certainly is. Camerawoman Mandy sits on the floor of the closet, which could very well be bigger than our apartment, while Miley throws tank top after tank top into a giant pile on the floor. When she adds a handful of clutch purses still bearing their tags, she says, “Maybe I’ll give it to someone for Christmas. I’m cheap.” But when she gets to the tank top she wore when meeting Johnny Depp for the first time, she chucks it at Mandy. “You can have that. I've worn it a lot,” she says. We wonder: Is Miley Cyrus's BFF a salaried position?

VIDEO: Look Inside Miley Cyrus' Huge Closet! [Us Weekly]