Video: Testing the Wearability of a Duct-Tape Dress


Every year Duck Brand sponsors a contest for high-school students to see who can make the best prom outfit out of different colors of duct tape. When we saw some top competitors this year, we thought, How resourceful! At under $5 a roll, putting one of these together would cost thousands less than gowns featured in, say, Vogue. And now that party season is kicking up again, a duct-tape dress might be just the thing to really make a statement. So we challenged a Duck Brand designer to make a red-carpet gown out of twenty rolls of duct tape in three weeks. The finished creation was flown in and hand-delivered from Ohio, and it turned out to be a hybrid of neon mermaid and Bette Midler costume, with a corsage to match. We then took our duct-tape couture to the streets to see if the idea would "stick." A few girls suggested it wasn't first-date material, a tourist thought it looked like a tarp, and a bystander thought it was perfect for a black-tie affair. Check out if it's truly party-worthy in the video.

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