With the Introduction of Twilight Fashion Week, We Call a Moratorium on Labeling Things Fashion Week

What's that, R-Patz? You won't be at
Twi Fashion Week? Bummer.

Everyone, please contain yourselves. We realize all these Fashion Weeks get you really amped up, but we have a new one about to break. No, not Milan or Paris. This one is special: Twilight Fashion Week. We don't make this stuff up, but clearly, someone did. And that someone was MTV. Nordstrom will be carrying all sorts of Twi-merch, from T-shirts to jewelry. And as they hit stores in the coming weeks, tweens, presumably in pale-face makeup, lugging copies of the book, will be storming stores en masse. (You may shudder with us.) But! MTV will be unveiling some of the clothes this week, which were previewed already on In Style's and other sites. MTV's handful will include "never before seen" pieces, so Twi-hard readers (we know you're out there), feel free to jump up and down with glee, or, you know, just stare out the window with ennui.

But we do take umbrage with calling this a Fashion Week. We're all for getting excited over new fashion items — you should see us when new bags land in stores. But that is hardly a Fashion Week. So the Cut is hereby calling a moratorium on using that phrase unless it is in fact a sanctioned week full of shows, models, designers, Champagne, celebs, and absolutely no sleep. And we kinda doubt R-Patz is showing up to this. Call us crazy.

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