What Does the Proliferation of Lace Maison Michel Bunny Ears Mean for the Fall Season?


Look at what Marc Jacobs started with his Louis Vuitton bunny ears! Madonna wore the Vuitton ears to the Met Gala; the Olsens wore lace versions by Maison Michel this week at the Opening Ceremony party in Japan; and now Lady Gaga is on the cover of September's NEO2 wearing another set of lace ears by Maison Michel. This trend is not to be taken lightly, for it signifies we are readying for a fall season in which the trendiest trends were previously most seen in strip clubs and other pornographic media. Thigh-high boots, bunny ears, lace panels, the increasingly ubiquitous pantslessness. Though our friends at Daily Intel argued the Olsens' rabbit ears were a "regression," what if they were exactly the opposite: their way of looking grown up? Like having cleavage without actually having the girls on display? To be sure, there are ways to wear thigh-highs, and even bunny ears, without looking like you work in the adult-film industry. Hopefully, the greater part of the city will keep this major potential pitfall in mind when getting dressed this winter. All we can say is, when in doubt, just make sure you have actual bottoms on.

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