Why The Beautiful Life Was Doomed


On Friday, the CW announced the cancellation of The Beautiful Life. Just two episodes had aired, but the ratings were that bad — only 1.1 million people watched the second episode, fewer than watched a repeat of Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed on My Network TV. The network has been looking for a complement to the unstoppable America's Next Top Model. However, a scripted show is the wrong route to take.

Sure The Beautiful Life's acting may have been bad, and the show probably couldn't have portrayed the fashion industry less accurately, but they seemed to have all the ingredients for a hit. Ashton Kutcher produced, Elle MacPherson had a role, star Mischa Barton went to the hospital during filming, the ad campaign featured a bunch of naked people — all things that make you go "Hmmm" and think about tuning in. But that's the problem: You only think about it, because in your heart of hearts you know the show will be inaccurate and you'll just feel embarrassed for everyone involved (especially if you watched the preview clip).

Beautiful Life Canned [Vulture]

With Tyra Banks continuing to top herself with alter egos such as the cape-wearing Smize, her smile-with-your-eyes superhero, and smiling-with-your-eyes contests, a scripted show has no chance. Viewers get enough camp from Tyra each week; they don't need to tune in to a show like The Beautiful Life to see more. But while America's Next Top Model more than delivers in camp and absurd behavior, it's probably the most delusional portrayal of the fashion industry out there. The Agency or something like it could fill that void.

Beautiful Life Canned [Vulture]