Allegedly Average People Are Wearing Beyoncé’s Metal Glove to Restaurants


Jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz created Beyoncé's famous metal glove. "She wanted something a little bit harder and robotic for the 'I Am ... Sasha Fierce' album," Schwartz said. "She kept thinking about having a superhero-like look and she wasn't sure exactly how, but I presented her with a few of my ideas and drawings of the glove." Beyoncé, you may recall, hired Thierry Mugler to design her costumes after seeing his work at the Met's Costume Institute superheroes exhibit. Schwartz continues:

I said we should use titanium because it weighs, like, nothing, compared to gold or silver. We actually did a mold of her hand in wax and it was a pretty incredible experience. At first, people didn't understand it and now I've gone to restaurants and I see people wearing knockoff versions.

If this is true, we are disgustingly jealous because we have yet to see a person other than Beyoncé go out in public with their hand in a metal case. And we have seen some scary things on the streets: people in slashed leggings, purses with tails, girls at bars in just these. We don't put it past the general public, and Schwartz is a lovely designer, but which restaurants is she eating at? The Café of Lies?

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