Anna Wintour Recommends Outfit Repeats


Anna Wintour can't be photographed in the same thing twice (or three times) without one media outlet or other going berserk. “I usually wear the same dress twenty times,” she told us at last night’s God’s Love We Deliver gala. “I think it's always fun to have something new, but it doesn't mean that everything you already have in your closet has to be thrown out, you know? Recycle.” She wants women around the world to know: “It’s totally okay — I even recommend it.”

So what’s Anna’s favorite number to repeat, currently? “This black-and-white Carolina [Herrera] dress that I wear a lot — if you ask Carolina, she knows the one I'm talking about.” Oh, but so do we! We also informed Anna that she was the only woman on our list of the twelve most powerful New Yorkers. “That’s very generous. I’m flattered,” she said humbly. Are there pitfalls to being such a powerful woman? “Oh, many, many,” she said. And then, since presumably one of them is having to talk to us all the time, she chuckled knowingly to herself and returned to her steak.