Best Bet: Healthy Beauty


New Yorkers may not be familiar with the makeup brand W3ll People (pronounced Well People) just yet, but when they make their debut in one of the biggest department stores come spring, you will. Cosmetic dermatologist Renée Snyder, former NARS makeup artist Shirley Pinkson, and self-proclaimed tree hugger James Walker banded together to create a line of organic cosmetics that not only come in amazing shades and have great texture, but also happen to be toxin-free. One of the superstars of the line is the Universalist ($33), a richly pigmented stick (available in eight colors) that can work on the eyes, cheeks, as well as lips. Anyone with acne or oil-prone skin can attest that most multipurpose sticks cause breakouts reminiscent of your awkward high-school years, while mineral makeup seems to slide off after about five minutes and is extremely messy. But this dynamic trio managed to balance form and function perfectly, so even cynical divas like us fall in love.

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